Wood Art

Natural Wood Color and Grain Make Each Tile Unique - Combine as You Wish!

The images show the general look of the tile, but variations in color and markings will make each one slightly different. No dyes or stains, just maple, walnut, birch, cherry, and mahogany,  with accents of purpleheart, yellowheart, padauk, and wenge. 3" square tiles can be mixed and matched within frames for 1, 2, 3, or 9 tiles. Tell me which designs you like and I'll arrange them in the frame of your choice and send you a photo by email.  Contact me! 

3" tile - $20 (+$5 for licensed), single frame - $10, double frame - $20, triple frame - $25, 6" framed design $32, 11.75" framed design - $60, stand - $5

Upper Peninsula of Michigan, light

Upper Peninsula of Michigan, dark

purpleheart roof



MTU logo

Wave, dark water

padauk berry

Flower, purpleheart center

Flower, yellowheart center


Lift Bridge

Yooper Loop

Downhill Skier, purpleheart skis

Morels, lean right

Morels, lean left

Cross Country Ski Tracks,
purpleheart ski tips

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse. padauk band

Night Sky with Northern Lights

Quincy Mine

Ginkgo Leaf,

Red Pine Forest

Barrel Sauna,
wenge smokestack

Lake Superior, dark

Lake Superior, light

Thimbleberry Jam, dark
padauk jam

Thimbleberry Jam, light
padauk jam

Agate Rock, light

Agate Rock, dark

Single Frame
4" maple

From top  to bottom -
cherry, maple, mahogany, walnut

11.75" walnut and mahogany frame

3 Square Frame

9 Square Frame

"Fancy" 2 Square Frame